Intercontinental Singapore, A Hotel that Serves Various Luxury Foods

intercontinental singapore

Intercontinental Singapore is a hotel that will provide you with a variety of classy delicious food offerings. There is a restaurant inside the hotel which has a lot of food on the menu. Such as pastry, bread, and also other delicious bakery offerings.

Not only bakery but other foods are interesting. You can choose many foods to be your appetizer, dessert, and also the main course. Salads and fresh fruits can be an option for those of you who want to eat healthy snacks. Then, there are also various dishes made from seafood like shrimp, fish, and shellfish. Of course, these foods are very delicious.

Cozy Restaurants with Luxurious Food

Visitors often order a plate of pizza. Not only good to make you feel full, but the pizza at Intercontinental Singapore is also tasty and has a distinctive taste. There are various delicious toppings in the pizza. Because of that, many people are impressed with the work of this chef.

The dining area is decorated with classic-style furniture like chandeliers, making the dining atmosphere even classier. Various foods from meat with many kinds of spices will be impressive. Moreover, there is also food served on stone plates. So, it looks unique and outstanding.

Octopus is also a very much ordered menu. Many people love the octopus menu in this unique and classy way. The classic and traditional style is the mainstay of the Intercontinental Hotel, which makes visitors even more amazed by the variety of seafood served here. Not only seafood but all food on unique trays and plates, from wood to stone.

Not only octopus but also clams are also cooked and served in a unique bowl. This dish is very appetizing and it looks Instagramable. Not only people who like the classic style will be attracted to this special presentation, but also teenagers and even children.

Interesting The Bar and Lounge

The bar and lounge are also suitable places for you to enjoy a drink while relaxing. The restaurant is a fun place to dine, while the bar and lounge are great places for meetings with clients, colleagues, friends, or even work events.

Staycation is not always about vacation, but also about the business trip. Intercontinental Hotel will provide all services for all your affairs. So, you don’t need to be confused by the convenience it offers. The classic lounge atmosphere with wooden chairs and tables will make you relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Even though you are in an important meeting, if you feel comfortable, your mind will be healthier. In any meeting, of course, you must face it calmly, so that it can be resolved properly. Moreover, when you are in a work meeting in this hotel lounge.

Many visitor reviews say that this place is one of the recommended best staycation Singapore hotels. Not only interesting by its appearance and service, but this hotel also serves delicious food from various parts of the country to give the best impression for visitors. So, do you want to book it if you have time to go to Singapore?

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